Smallsat Network Management System

MissionSpan™ Smallsat Network Management System

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Our MissionSpan™ smallsat Network Management System (NMS) has been designed to control everything from one satellite to entire constellations of smallsats, all from a single application. In keeping with the ethos of the smallsat community, our NMS is lightweight and focuses on providing essential control in a user-friendly manner.

MissionSpan™ provides a highly configurable user interface that includes an easy-to-navigate site map. Operators can navigate to any site, ground station or satellite service at the click of a button.

MissionSpan™ smallsat network management system is HTTPS based and works ‘out-of-the-box’ without requiring device-specific software drivers to be installed.

Multiple networks, operators and instances of the application are all supported. Network access can be tailored to reflect different operator roles. An underlying shared database stores network topology details, meaning that any configuration changes made by one operator are seen instantly by all the other operators. Secure login and secure network monitor and control communications are supported, as is simple integration and control of third-party network devices.

Automatic status polling is supported for all devices, giving instant visibility of all system alarms. Automated datalogging facilities allow modem status, logs and metrics to be captured and stored.

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