About TXMission high-performance smallsat modems

About TXMission
TXMission (pronounced ‘Transmission’) is a New Space company that is on a mission that we find very exciting – to bring high-performance smallsat modems to the New Space industry. The company was founded in 2018 and inherited an unrivaled portfolio of highly relevant, field-proven satcoms technology from companies that our founders are associated with. Since then we’ve launched a succession of new products for the smallsat, UAV and HAPS markets.

TXMission has created an off-the-shelf, end-to-end satellite communications solution that both slashes time to market and provides a growth vehicle for meeting our customers’ current and future needs. We are dedicated to making our customers more successful through our commitment to bringing highly innovative, reliable high speed smallsat and airborne modems to the market and through the support we provide before, during and after the deployment of satellite services. This strong customer focus is central to our goal of becoming the leading provider of smallsat communications systems.

high speed smallsat modems by TXMission
Key People
Gianni Nannetti

Gianni Nannetti

CEO & Vice-President of Engineering Gianni is a leading modem and waveform expert, with over 20 years' experience designing high-speed modems and chips.

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For over 20 years, Gianni Nannetti has been the Managing Director of Silicon Infusion Ltd, a company that specialises in advanced satellite signal processing products (modulators, demodulators, waveforms, forward error correction, etc.). He co-founded Systolic, an integrated circuit design house in 1989, where he was Director of Engineering and Business Planning. Following acquisition by Mentor Graphics, he continued as Director of Engineering. In 1999, he was part of a management buyout that resulted in the creation of Silicon Infusion. Earlier he worked for major electronics companies including Ferranti, GEC and Gould Electronics, gaining experience in radar, sonar and communications. Gianni holds an MSc in Digital Systems Design from Cranfield Institute of Technology.

Dr Paul Onions

Chief Scientist Paul holds a PhD in cryptography from the University of Plymouth, where he developed techniques for the high-performance silicon implementation of cryptographic algorithms. His interests include advanced mathematical methods for modelling and analysing the performance, robustness and security of communications systems. Paul has spent over 20 years designing satellite modem technology, mainly with TXMission's sister company, Silicon Infusion.
Nicola Ryall

Nicola Ryall

Marketing & Sales Director Nicola Ryall has over 30 years’ experience in marketing and sales, including at Coca-Cola and American Express. She has a strong background in mathematics and research and runs her own marketing consultancy.

Colin Mackay

Director of Engineering & Business DevelopmentColin is a seasoned satellite comms professional, who has been involved in the development of satellite modems for nearly 20 years.

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Prior to joining TXMission, Colin Mackay (B.Sc. Hons, M.Sc.) was Vice President of Engineering for the satellite modem division of Teledyne Paradise Datacom, which he joined in 2003. His career started as a real-time software engineer working on advanced radar systems with large multinational companies. He then spent five years as head of engineering for a start-up specializing in digital video networking products. He has overseen many industry firsts, including the first TCP/IP satellite modem and the first ‘software defined’ satellite modem.

Steve McHugh

Chairman Steve McHugh is the President and founder of Santa Barbara Infra-Red. He has extensive experience in technology and in guiding several start-up companies through the incubation process through to profitability and beyond.