About TXMission high-performance smallsat modems

About TXMission

TXMission (pronounced ‘Transmission’) is a New Space company that is on a mission that we find very exciting – to bring high-performance smallsat modems to the New Space industry. And, unlike a typical start-up, we’ve inherited an unrivaled portfolio of highly relevant, field-proven satcoms technology from companies that our founders are associated with.

TXMission has created a professional off-the-shelf, end-to-end satellite communications solution that both slashes time to market and provides a growth vehicle for meeting our customers’ current and future needs. We are dedicated to making our customers more successful through our commitment to bringing highly innovative, reliable high speed smallsat modems to the market and through the support we provide before, during and after the deployment of satellite services. This strong customer focus is central to our goal of becoming the leading provider of smallsat communications systems.

high speed smallsat modems by TXMission