Military high speed satellite modem

Military Satcoms

TXMission make Military high speed satellite modem and ground station modems.
The military satcoms market partially overlaps the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) market but there is also a distinct Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) military satcoms market. In both cases the military is adopting Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) satcoms products in order to gain access to cutting edge technology without the long development timescales and costs historically associated with the military’s procurement of technology.

As with all markets, the military has its own specific requirements, which while not necessarily unique, require very careful product planning and positioning in order to fully satisfy. As well as requiring extreme high-end performance, the military places a very strong emphasis on security, resilience and reliability.

In the context of the military, resilience is the ability to withstand both accidental and deliberate interference to communications services. Resilience can be achieved using highly advanced signal processing techniques – something that TXMission specialises in.

Military high speed satellite modem can be used with 5G and IOT to provide optimum coverage for ground operations.Military high speed satellite modem from TXMission

military satcoms for smallsats with TXmission high speed modems

Desirable security measures include encryption and the ability to disguise transmissions so that adversaries who are monitoring them would be unable, for example, to detect and be alerted by unusually high levels of communications activity that would typically precede an important military operation.

Extremely high levels of reliability can be provided through the provision of space hardened products that conform to the relevant reliability standards. Commercial satellite operations are typically more benign by comparison (for example, as the result of having a shorter in-orbit lifetime). TXMission’s production process allows standard components to optionally be switched over to space hardened components, giving us the ability to satisfy different markets with a single universal hardware platform. A military high speed satellite modem from TXMission will be at least as robust as the satellite that carries it.

It is our view that no-one is fully addressing all these needs, or if they are, they have been met only using extremely expensive non-COTS solutions. TXMission is committed to developing COTS satcoms products suitable for the military market.