TXMission & Advantech Team Up for Live Webinar on LEO Links

TXMission & Advantech Team Up for Live Webinar on LEO Links

January 1, 2022

TXMission and Advantech Wireless Technologies are teaming up to present a live webinar titled ‘Linking with LEO’ that will discuss advanced communications solutions for the LEO satellite market. The webinar, which will be hosted by Via Satellite, will take place on January 20, 2022.

The presenters will be:

Colin Mackay, Director of Engineering, TXMission,

Tony Radford, VP Global Sales, Advantech Technologies

Minya Gavrilovic, President & CTO, Galtronics USA Inc.

Discussion will include the main elements of a LEO commlink, including antenna, amplifier and modem. The business case of Ku/Ka band LEO terminals creates challenges for manufactures of the products that comprise a terminal. Where GSO satellite systems have the advantage of “coverage stability” on the earth, NGSO terminals need to be “smart”, as they’re constantly handing off communication between the many satellites in the constellation. LEO Terminals need sophisticated antenna systems – comparable to the beamforming antennas used for terrestrial 5G, that can track 2 LEO satellites simultaneously.

Viewers will learn:

  1. The role of satellite modems in LEO satellite systems compared to GEO systems.
  2.  How to personalize SmallSats with a dynamic range of business applications as part of the move to software-defined satellites (TX Mission).
  3. Advantech’s history and roadmap for Ka-band FR Products.
  4. A manufacturer’s perspective on the design and supply of Ka-and SSPAs for LEO gateways.
  5. Technical considerations in the deployment of LEO antenna user terminals
  6. The serious issue of antenna user terminal cost, it’s impact in the overall business case of LEO constellations and “where do we go from here”.

Viewers can register via the following link: webinar_registration.

About TXMission

TXMission is a New Space company that provides advanced Software Defined Radios (SDRs), compatible ground equipment and network management systems for the smallsat, HAPS, UAV and airborne communications markets.

About Advantech

Advantech is a leading wireless broadband communications solution provider for commercial, critical infrastructure and government and military customers. Our smarter solutions give clients the freedom to reach further, achieve reliable connectivity anywhere in the world, and accomplish critical missions of global significance. We design turnkey terrestrial and satellite communications solutions that maximize performance and minimize operational costs, all with uncompromising quality. Our customized approach, award-winning R&D and innovative engineering empowers our customers to achieve excellence in communication, while reducing their capital and operating expenditures.