TXMission Virtual Presence at SmallSat Symposium 2021: Show Preview

TXMission Virtual Presence at SmallSat Symposium 2021: Show Preview

January 25, 2021

The week starting February 8, sees the annual SmallSat Conference, normally held in Mountain View, CA, move online. TXMission is pleased to support the show with our online presence where our advanced smallsat communications technology will be exhibited, including:

  • The Quest™ Software Defined Radio. This supports a full implementation of DVB-S2/S2X and CCSDS Viterbi/Reed Solomon waveforms. DVB-S2/S2X maximises data throughput for a given transmit power level. Data rates of up to 1Gbps are supported. Hi-resolution pictures and video from onboard sensors can be compressed to a fraction of their original size using our real-time hardware compression feature. Radiation hardened components in key areas ensure resilience to the effects of radiation. The communications subsystem is incredibly versatile and can optionally host both the flight computer software and the payload mass storage, making it the industry’s first ‘all-in-one’ smallsat processor solution.
  • The Connect™ Ground Station Modem and our MissionSpan™ network management system, which supports the monitor and control of entire constellations of satellites.

New features include AES-256 encryption of all TCP/IP packets passed between our modems and the addition of automated logging to MissionSpan, allowing continuous logging of modem status and metrics at the ground station.

We look forward to ‘seeing’ you there!