TXMission Launches Range of Modems with AES-256 Encryption

TXMission Launches Range of Modems with AES-256 Encryption

November 24, 2020

TXMission is pleased to announce the launch of two new modems that include support for AES-256 encryption.

The Quest-E™ Onboard Modem has been designed to provide secure communications for smallsats and airborne applications. The Quest-E™ supports DVB-S2/S2X and data rates up to 1Gbps. This capability is mirrored in our new Connect-E™ Ground Station Modem. All communications between the two modems are passed over a secure VPN tunnel that is encrypted using AES-256.

With increasingly sophisticated attacks occurring daily on all our digital assets, the cost to businesses of breaches of security has never been higher. Reputations can be damaged, business models undermined and the financial health of organisations crippled. By comparison, the cost of protection is insignificant. In response to these widespread concerns, TXMission has created a range of new, highly secure communications modems that use state-of-the-art encryption. Using an encrypted VPN ensures all information passed between the modems is kept completely private. Nothing inside the tunnel can be accessed by an unauthorized party, or altered in any way, and the user’s IP addresses and location are kept hidden.

Using encryption couldn’t be easier. The operator simply enters a key at each modem and enables the VPN. Network assets can optionally be managed using our MissionSpan™ network control application, which has been enhanced recently to automate the task of AES-256 key management, storing all encryption keys in a database that is itself securely encrypted.

Datasheets for the Quest-E™ and Connect-E™ can be found in our Downloads area.