TXMission Releases MissionSpan™ Network Management System V1.0.12

TXMission Releases MissionSpan™ Network Management System V1.0.12

October 30, 2020

Following extensive beta testing, TXMission has released V1.0.12 of its MissionSpan™ Network Management System. Designed to allow centralized monitoring and finger-tip control of all ground, satellite and airborne network equipment, MissionSpan™ creates instant secure connections for one or multiple networks potentially consisting of thousands of satellites, ground stations and airborne vehicles.

Unlike many traditional network management systems, MissionSpan™ has deliberately been kept lightweight and focuses on providing essential control and an intuitive user interface, much of which replicates the look and feel of the user interfaces of our individual communications products.

And that is not all. As an engineering company, we have built up lots of useful tools used daily by our engineers such as PRBS BER testers, digital noise generators, channel simulators and command line terminal emulators. This has not gone unnoticed by our customers and by request we have started to add this incredibly versatile collection of tools to MissionSpan™. An example is a terminal emulator that allows users to switch from high-level web browser control to manual or automated command line network control, using our One and Only Protocol for Smallsats! (OOPS!), which is ideal for bandwidth restricted communications channels that require network management overhead to be minimized. Want to send commands but the satellite is out of range of the ground station where MissionSpan™ is installed? Just send them anyway and MissionSpan™ will queue all the messages and arrange to automatically send the commands and log the responses as soon as the satellite comes into view.

Going forward, we have been working on a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows users to port their own business applications to run on our software-defined modems, which we like to call Application Processors. Using the SDK, these third-party applications can be integrated and built into our products completely independently from us. Ideal where your sensitive technology needs to be kept firmly in-house, not to mention the time-to-market benefit of not having to create your own space-qualified, radiation tolerant processor board and enclosure. These user software applications then run alongside but independently of all the modulator, demodulator, waveform, error correction and protocol handling that the modem software and hardware is providing. In this context, MissionSpan™ is set to become the third-party software application manager, supporting robust over-the-air application upgrades and management over the entire network. You can even extend our OOPS! protocol with your own application commands if you want! A capability we believe is completely unique in our industry.

Please contact us to arrange a personalized demonstration of MissionSpan™ in action. Or if you would like to browse through the user manual, you will find it here.